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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> it's 7:00 and the station
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>> good evening. thanks for being with us. for president. polls are just now closing in some parts of florida and ohio, two winners take all states. that could give new life to marco rubio or john kasich or the campaigns. will donald trump dominate? will hillary clininton get a these are questions that will be answered as the questions roll in throughout the evening. your vote team coverage includes reports from paul mueller in palm beach. melanie michael in west palm beach. and candace mccowan in miami. so let's begin tonight with paul mueller who is standing by where the donald trump p campaign. paul? >> reporter: wherere is donald trump, josh? that is the big question tonight. today, he has been off the grid, will you will. not on the campaign trail at all. but we expect him here in palm beach tonight with his
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at around 9:00 he has all of florida's 99 delegates. now, the political experts are telling us the question is not whether or not donald trump will win here. it is how much he will win by. some polls show trump with a double digit lead over florida senator marco rubio and everybody knows rubio need to win his home state or this could be the end of his came pain. though this afternoon, he is telling us that he is going on the road tomorrow to utah regardless of what happens tonight. why utah you may ask? that is the next state e that will be havingng a primary. that will be two saturdays from now. and one other thing to note is here in palm beach unlike other events and rallies trump has had including yesterday in tampa, no protests to be seen at all. back live in palm beach, this could be rubio's last attempt
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last chance to stop trump. donald trump here at 9:00 tonight with his supporters. you can wawatch that streaming online on josh? >> no doubt a lot on the line tonight. that was paul mueller. thank you paul. marco rubio will breathe new life into his campaign hopefully. if he doesn't have a good night, his campaign is in serious trouble. candace mccowan joins us live from miami where rubio is hoping to celebrate tonight. >> reporter: a lot of people eager to find out what happens here tonight. what marco rubio will decide to do once the results come in. take a look at the room behind me. it is filling up with supporters hope ing that this will be a celebration and only time will tell what the mood will be here. just a bit earlier, these supporters were lining up for several hours outside the door here trying to get in. this event is called a celebration. and of course, the people here are optimistic.
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the rubio camp. celebration. >> he came from way behind when he ran for senator and ... i believe he can do it. let's say he doesn't. i think he should go all the way and shouldn't determine if he will continue or not based on what happens here. >> reporter: and that is the big question. is seeing what will happen in florida tonight. and if marco rubio will carry on his campaign. he has said he is continuing onto utah tomorrow. he is not done in florida no matter what the results come in later on this evening so we will be watching to see what happens and how he responds and we will have updates throughout the night. candace mccowan, newschannel8. >> all right, thanks for that. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is hoping to celebrate sosome big wins and widen the gap between her and bernie sanders.
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in west palm beach with that side of the story. hi mel. >> reporter: hey josh, good evening to you. we are coming to you live from the convention center. fans and supporters of hillary clinton have been lining up all day longs and they opened the doors moments ago. i it is absolutely packed here. so many people are excited to see the democratic front runner and you can hear them cheering as we speak. interestingly, she is having her party in donald trump's backyard. we are talking about four miles separating the two and the big night tonight. so, very close in proximity. very far in political ideology. now, she obviously is not a big fan of donald trump and came out today public by condemning some of the violence at the rallies. i can tell you the mood is very, very different.
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a lot of folks with signs ready to take pictures and oddly enough, it is only 7:00. she is not going to be here until 9:00 or 9:30. but we have had folks lining up all day trying to get the best seat. trying to get right up front to get up close and personal. the former secretary of state was in north carolina to start her day. this busy super tuesday. and she jetted across the country. landed here in florida. and she was said to actually be with some of her supporters earlier today making some surprise visits so you never know what is going to happen and you never know what time she is actually going to show up. but i tell you one thing josh. this crowd is warming up the ballroom for her. very, very excited. a lot of security. we had to go through quite a few metal detectors. a lot of law enforcement. k-9 units. this is not anything they are taking chances with. the media presence is heavy. the security presence is heavy and we are expecting a packed ballroom tonight. so there it is.
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cheering all night long. you know what it is like. very unpredictable but very exciting to be up close and personal with their favorite candidates so we will keep you posted throughout the evening. >> melanieie michael, they are packing the room. thank you for that. we have been hearing from folks who had trouble casting theieir votes earlier today. as newschannel8's melissa moreno ex-plains, a handful of voters were nearly turned away from one location. >> reporter: talk about a voting flub. >> we would have been turned away if we weren't forceful about it. >> reporter: when teresa showed up to her registered polling location. >> i looked down. it was only republicans on the ballot. >> reporter: she asked a polling worker about it. >> she said it was a closed republican primary and it was not for democrats. >> reporter: it happened as the polls opened this morning at precinct 321 in polk county. a handful of democratic voters were almost pushed away. low and behold.
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closet with the democratic could vote. >> reporter: newschannel8 reached out to the polk county soup visier of elections. >> we have counseled the clerk of this precinct. turned away. newschannel8. as the polls close across florida, election watch parties are kicking into high gear. in tampa, donald trump supporters are gathering at milone's irish pub and hillary clinton fans are meeting at the district tavern. >> i will tell you he is not a politician. he is not bought and paid for by lobbyists. he is going to make america great again. >> i'm not for her because she's a woman. okay? but ... i don't mind telling you i like the idea of a strong woman there.
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has been running it for a long time, gang. we have seen a lot of wars. >> now people of the trump watch party will be watching to see if florida senator marco rubio will be able to pull off a big upset and capture all of the 99 delegates. well, reresults are already coming in from the northern mariana islands. donald trump got 73% of the vote and will receive all nine delegates. ted cruz hadad 24% of the vote. ted cruz is hoping for a strong showing in the raceces even if he can't pull off a win in this winner take all state of florida and over in ohio. cruz is currently second in the delegate count behind donald trump. and he could pick up more delegates tonight. in some of the other states voting today. missouri, north carolina, illinois, and ohio are holding primaries but they will split the delegates.
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help john kasich's struggling campaign. a recent nbc news poll showed him ahead of donald trump in his home state. if he winst ohio, it will be his first win in the primary season, but he will still trail in the delegate count. candace lee joins us lilive from what supporters hope will be john kasich's victory celebration in cleveland. hi candace. >> reporter: good evening josh. we are here at baldwin wallace university where governor john kasich and his supporters will be holding a watch party that starts here at 8:00. governor. failure to do so he has said he will be forced to exit the race for the white house. we had an opportunity to catch up with the governor early this morning as he optimistically in columbus. he was feeling great. he was confident that he will be able to take ohio and take
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propelling him to the party nominee coming up in july. now, joining me now is ohio republican strategist mike. mike, you have been watching this campaign very closely. tell me how does the governor build on his momentum with the win here tonight? >> we are extremely confident that governor kasich will win tonight. it will catapult him into states like arizona and utah and pennsylvania. as goes ohio, so goes the nation. if he stops trump in an important state, the rest of the nation will follow suit. >> so how do you see the results coming in tonight in other races? we have seen networks calling these races around 8:30 in the evening. are we here for the long haul? >> lit be a long night. governor should win by four or five points but there's a lot of turnout. the voter participation has been through the roof. the governor will get tremendous support and it will take a long time to count these votes. >> reporter: mike, thank you
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and the party here at baldwin wallace university kicks off at 8:00. we expect to hear from the lieutenant governor mary taylor and others. we will be here all night bringing you live updates. >> they are firing up the speakers. thank you candace. 8 on your side has the most exextensive coverage of primary night in florida and our coverage continues on great 3838 at 8:00. and we will have a full hour for yoyou totonight at 11:00. there are many local races on the ballot in parts of the bay area as well. we will show you the results on the bottom of your screen throughout the evening. a would be burglar picked the wrong house to rob and was shot dead by a man inside. mary mcguire is live at the scene in tampa heights. has the homeowner been arrested or charge at all in this situation? >> reporter: no, tampa police tell me that the man that pulled that trigger, 40-year- old christopher solomon will
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this case. but rather, the facts and the figures will be sent to the state attorney's office and they will make the ultimate call. . crime sustain tape lined this tampa heigights neighborhood after police say 40-year-old christopher solomon shot a would be burglar dead this afternoon. he told police he heard some strange noises coming from his kitchen. arming himself, he went downstairs and discovered the male intruder preparing to rob his home. fearing for his life, he shot the burglar several times. in an ironic twist, this tampa heights neighborhood just had a community watch meeting where authorities gaveve them advice on how to keep their homes safe. >> keep watch, keep an eye on each other. and ... just really, most of the time, these crimes happen in the day when they think people are not home. >> reporter: our cameras caught him outside his home after the shooting. he said he didn't want to talk
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whole incident was scary and emotional. now, neighbors i spoke with say that they weren't surprised when they heard that this robbery was thwarted so quickly because a lot of people here work from home. reporting live in tampa, i'm mary mcguire, newschannel8. still ahead on 8 at 7:00. >> testimony in the hulk hogan sex tape trial takes a turn south. and sounds more at times like the script for an adult movie.
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>> welcome back. at times the testimony in the hulk hogan sex tape trial sounded like a script out of an adult movie. jeff patterson shows us the founder of gawker took the stand to explain why the video was posted.
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>> reporter: gawker foununder nickck denton once wrote for the times. he is now defending his decision to publish the sex tape. hulk hogan is suing gawker. his attorney hammered denton for publicizing the video. >> we are not talking about a mayor spoking crack. >> no, we are talking about a world famous celebrity. >> reporter: much of the day was spent by a ceo and exec talking about how many people viewed the video. only 30% of the viewers who read the article actually clicked on the sex video. >> you hope readers find story that's are interesting to them. if a number of them do, you would hope they would come back. but, the reality just kind of of the internet is that the great majority of them don't. >> reporter: tomorrow it is expected the jury will hear video tape testimony from heather clem, she's the ex-wife
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appeared in the video with hulk hogan. jeff patterson, newschannel8. tonight, we are getting an takedown. coming up, we will show you more of this video shot by body cams on pasco deputies and why they say the man they arrested posesed a big risk to the
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>> pasco deputies see a man high on drugs leading them on a chase and it was caught on body cameras. tonight, jamel lanee showstous scary momements. >> reporter: christopher conti had no regard for human life as he sped through the streets of new port richey. >> there could have been a family coming home from practice, from picking up the kids at the day care and this individual would have absolutely destroyed them. >> reporter: it started around 6:30 when fhp tried to pull him over. deputies joined in as conti kept running. this deputy tries to stop him but gets hammered by his truck. deputies finally swarm the truck when stop sticks take out his tire and they wrestle him
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>> you have a person drugged out of his mind driving a 5,000- pound vehicle. that is like somebody running through a mall with a gun waving it. >> reporter: conti is facing several charges including aggravated battery, fling, eluding, and drug possession. nobody was hurt during this incident miraculously. jamel lanee, newschannel8. this picture was just sent in by billll phillips in treasure island showing the fog. here is the picture from boc a cega bay. kind of a cool picture. so we will have the fog kind of huging the immediate coastline. about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., we will see the fog moving on shore, taking over much of the bay area by tomorrow morning
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morning, we had fog on the sunshine skyway. reduced visibility and it closed it from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. tomorrow morning we could have some more commute problems. once again, with this dense sea fog. by lunchtime tomorrow, most of the fog will be gone. so, other than the fog, it is pretty quiet. it will be bringingng us cooler weather, this front, by mondayay, and a few showers over the e weekend. we will haveve the dense sea fog. temperatures in the middle 60s . tomorrow afternoon, sea fog will be history except for along the coast. 80 degrees where we have the sunshine. a little bit cooler where we don't have the sun. as we head into friday, a 30% chance of showers.
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storms are a possibility. hopefully, not too bad, because we have the macdill air fest. >> hopefully the rain will hold off.f. >> should be okay. stay close, we'll be right back. >> plus, here is what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> i'm gayle guyardo and i will show you how young talented people in the bay area are being discovered. >> plus, weather and traffic on
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>> so it will be a foggy evening. lean and green into the morning commute. >> got to be careful. also, the florida primary
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and we have a full hour for you tonight at 11:00 with all the florida primary results. until then, have yourself a great night. did bachelor ben's mom want him to pick jojo over lauren? everything you don't know about the proposal. >> "extra" has the future mr. and mrs. ben higgins the morning after, now on "extra." ben's mom breaking downn in tears. the video cut from the finale. >> i would pick jojo. >> how was mom dealing with the decision? >> ben and lauren in our hot seat. >> we thought we were going to see a wedding last night. >> plus, why jojo beat out kayla to be the next bachelorette. gwen is back on the voice, back with blake in primetime. we've got their new coupleded up interview behind the scenes. >> he makes people feel so good
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>> thank you. then, more couples news. new video, george and amal inn berlin. and lady gaga, wedding scoop straight from her fiance taylor kinney. >> would you consider eloping? young hollywood takes over the "extra" feed. platinum paris jackson, kylie jenner pool side, and shailene woodley's new york night. plus, the rapid fire quiz for the candidates.. >> first girlfriend. >> you better pass. >> tv obsessions and secret talents. >> oh, i would love it. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. >> coming up, mario. "ncis" hits a tv milestone. we're on the set as the show celebrates its 300th episode. but first, he loves them both, but in the end, it was lauren who won bachelor ben's heart, so will there be a tv wedding? a.j. is with the happy couple
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>> she's flashing her $100,000 four carat art deco sparkler. he's finallyly going public with his bride-to-be. >> are you ready to live your life in a fish bowl? >> right. >> the happy couple on a "people" magazine cover, grabbing the media blitz. and we're breaking down every . here's lester holt. hello, everyone. it is a critical night in the race for president and t the polls have just closed in two of the major states, ohio and north carolina. let's show you where thingsgs stand right now with the republicans in the winner-take-all state of ohio. it's too early to call for that state's governor, john kasich is in the lead there right now.w. in north carolina, this race is too close to call with donald trump and ted cruz vying for first place, rubio and kasich far behind a at this hour. let't's look at the democrats now back in ohio. right now this race is too early to call, but hillary clinton is


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